Spruce Apartments

Project Before / After

Mixed Use
Commercial & Residential

Role: Lead developer, GP, Property Manager, General Contractor

Capital Stack: GP equity, deferred developer fee, KHRC MIH Grant, Dept of Commerce SHOVL loan, KHITC equity, state tax credit equity, construction loan, perm loan

Challenges: Built as Wamego’s first hospital, this three story building was converted to apartments but suffered a large fire in 2019. Despite multiple alterations, Frontier was able to successfully list the building on the state registry and qualify the project for both MIH and KHITC awards. Additionally, the south parcel was replatted to allow for a new construction ADA duplex which will be constructed simultaneously with the historic renovations.

Expected completion date: Fall, 2024

Total Sq ft
Total Project Cost
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Sq ft Commercial Space