Community House

Project Before / After

Mixed Use
Commercial & Residential

Role: Development team, GP team, Property Manager

Capital Stack: Federal credit investor, state HTC equity, forgivable Eco-Devo loan, GP equity, construction loan, perm loan

Challenges: This was a distressed city owned property that was acquired via a competitive RFP process. Originally constructed in 1917, the building suffered from many years of neglect despite being a prominent building in downtown MHK. Renovation plans required sign off from the local Historic Resources Board, the Manhattan City Commission, Kansas SHPO, and NPS. The building originally served as a recreational facility for soldiers during WWI so the large dance hall had to be retained in an open configuration which restricted potential uses for the space.

Awards Won: Kansas Preservation Alliance Merit Award, AGC of Kansas Award of Honor

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Total Project Cost
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Sq ft Commercial Space